My Travels in Web 2.0 Land

Welcome Audio for Prototype

This is the audio file that I’ve been trying to get on my Netvibes PLE prototype.

PLE Welcome

Friday, February 26: Very Windy Day

Here I am again working through my assignment. Today I’ve added three photos via Flickr. The dog picture is actually my rescue dog, Princess Lollipop.

Thursday, February 18: Trudging Along

Have been completing EDIT 772 assignments and come back here to see the fruits of my labors. Or, so I thought. Tags, links, syncs…I almost wish I was shoveling snow instead.

Sunday, February 7: The Snow After

With 27 inches on the ground and another possible 7 on Tuesday, I wonder how some locations deal with this much snow on a regular basis. Also wondering if the inventor of laptops had just finished shoveling her driveway out and, with arms aching past all imagining, came up with the idea of sitting slouched on the sofa and typing on her lap. Certainly seems plausible to me.

Monday, Jan 25th: Day of Rain and Wind

Greetings to casual viewers of this blog. I’m in my infancy of blogging, so this is really a test of my brain cell.

Exercise link for Episode 2

Hello world!

Welcome to onMason. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!